Thursday, 8 September 2016

Recession? Man prove friends wrong by walking naked for 10,000

A man, believed to be in his 30s, proved friends wrong after he stripped naked in broad day light and walked about freely to earn N10,000 at Kabayi, Mararaba, near Abuja.

The drama was said to have started when the man, whose identity was not disclosed, decided to prove to his friends that he could do anything for money.

The man told his friends that he could walk naked for money but they did not believe him, challenging him to walk his  talk for N10,000.

A witness said that the man surprised his friends, pulled off his clothes and walked on the streets naked while people trooped out to watch the ‘absurdity.’

A witness, said “I couldn’t believe it but it is real. I saw people running to have a glimpse while others, maybe scared, stayed away.”

The witness, however, said that the man was probably insane while some residents said he may have been influenced by drugs.

It was learnt that after the parade, the man was promptly paid the agreed sum of N10,000 by his friends.


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