Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Please advice Me !! My Private Part gets wet for My Houseboy – Married Woman Admits

A marriage of nine years could be at the brink of crashing following the husband’s lack of s*xual responsibility to the wife.

This woman who wrote to relationship therapist, Joro Olumofin has complained bitterly about the s*xual starvation she is passing through in the hands of her man who is suspected to be sleeping with other young ladies.

Currently, she has been lusting after her houseboy with a strong passion to constantly share his bed with him.

Read her story below:

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  1. Im very sorry for what you passing through at the moment. At times, i really don't feel pity for people like you because you people are selective in choosing a man and at the long wrong you forget to take note of the sexual performance of that particular man. Im really sorry to say this. But i have discovered that most home that have sexual issues today, were as a result of lust of a man and secondly, distance relationship before pre-marry and post-marry. Some girls run after wealth, handsomeness, tall and gud luking man without looking backward to what they really want.

    In a case like yours, i'll advice you to persuade your husband and check yourself out to see if there is something about you that is making your husband not having any interest in you sexually. Before you get marry to your husband, how do you look like then? Slim, sexy, beautiful, black/fair in complexion, cool headed and submissive? Infact, were you looking charming and sexing at that time but now you now fat, look dirty inward and outward, your attitude is beyond explanation, nagging and being abusive, not submissive and caring anymore? Or are you the type that want to be charge all the time. Please, check out yourself to see were your lapses are.

    After knowing your weakness and strength, things still remain the way they were, then approach your husband and ask him what you did wrong to him but unnoticed to you. You have to be serious in this aspect. This very aspect must comes up when your husband is in good mood. Ask him what he hate and love most about you. If possible, seek for his forgiveness.

    Please, Ma, never you make a mistake of sleeping with you houseboy or any man. Take care of your home with prayers, tolerance, patience and submission.

    Belief me your marriage will be a testimony.

    I wish you well

    Norman 08160164575