Sunday, 11 September 2016

My Relationship With Onyeka Onwenu – King Sunny Ade

The song, Wait For Me, by King Sunny Ade and Onyeka Onwenu would remain evergreen and of course, many years ago, some believed that the duo would have had one or two things going on between them for them to have released such song.

Speaking on if or not they had an affair, Sunny Ade at a press parley on his 70th birthday, said 
there was nothing intimate between him and Onyeka. He said the song was just a gimmick to drive home a message for a healthy relationship among the youth back then.

“I didn’t have any crush on Onyeka then. Even before that song, we had recorded songs together. She was (and still is) just a colleague. She is a good woman. We did that song just for us to teach the young people the essence of having a healthy relationship,” he said.

And even at the moment, KSA, who has many wives, said he is not ready to take another wife.

“Haba! How can I take another wife? Is that a curse or are you praying for me? I am not ready for any new wife,” he said.

KSA said he has a lot of reasons to thank God.

“It is just by his grace that He has made it possible for me to live up to this age. He alone has given me strength to perform. I love what I do and that is why I can never be tired. I came back from the US and I was told I had to perform somewhere and I went. I am never tired and my age will not slow me down.”

On his 70th birthday, the legendary singer said, “My birthday celebration is usually a one-week affair. But this year’s birthday is different; the celebration will go on till the end of the year.”

“I started the celebration with special prayer from the general overseer of my Church, Pastor (Enoch) Adeboye. Later this month, there will be a gospel music concert in my home in Ondo. And on my birthday, which is on September 22, my children will celebrate me. I will also visit orphanages. There are so many activities lined up. I belong to well over 70 clubs and each of this club wants to celebrate me. But the grand finale will come sometime in October with a concert where so many foreign artistes will perform.”

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