Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Lady blasts C-Way management for allegedly refusing to recall 'frog dispenser water'

Some weeks back, we shared a story here about a frog found floating inside a newly purchased and SEALED family sized bottle of C-Way dispenser water. A Nigerian, @zegbua, a friend to the man who bought the water dispenser has taken to Twitter to call out C-Way management for allegedly refusing to recall the batch. She is also calling on NAFDAC to investigate the incident.

She alleges that a C-way officials and a Chinese manager visited the guy after he posted the video online and offered him another sealed C-way dispenser water, and when the guy refused and rather insisted the whole batch the recalled, the management allegedly branded the fellow ''competition'' who had set out to destroy the company's image.

The user, Zizi Uanikheh is also alleging she has been getting hate mails because of her insistence on calling C-way out.

 Read the rest of the explosive tweets below. She made some heavy allegations!

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