Thursday, 29 September 2016

IMPORTANT Questions Virgin Girls Ask Themselves Before They Sleep With A Man For The First Time

The first se.x experience is a very exciting and serious one in the lives of young ladies. They get many questions about the act and worry about tons of things. Some of them are revealed here.
Ladies are worried
about many things. This new experience can be tricky and even scary.
It has significant consequences for their lives. Men, if you know the questions they ask themselves, you can make it easier for them to make love to you and let you dis-virgin them.

1. Am I too fat?
Girls may worry about their looks and have insecurities about their bodies. Tell her how beautiful she is and that will help her settle the matter.
If you know the questions she asks, it may be easier for you to help her make the positive decision!
2. Should I take a condom with me?
You can help her to worry less and assure that you prefer protected s*x and will provide all it takes for it.

3. Will I get an or.gasm?

Truth must be said some girls try and test their bodies on their own.
So, they know what it’s like to have an orgasm, but they are not sure the man can help them with that.

4. Will his man.hood be too small or too big?

This one is tricky. But girls do wonder about such things.

5. Is it dangerous to have unprotected se.x?

Men carry high responsibility for the women they get hooked up with. Even if you do not like having sex with condoms, you should insist on it.
Buy good ones ahead of time and explain to her how to minimize all the risks.

6. What color of lingerie should I wear?

You can give her a hint on that one and tell her what your favorite color is.

7. How to make the process easier?

Being an experienced man you can get some lube to make the process less painful and easier for her.

8. Should I remove the pu.bic hair?

Many girls worry about their looks in the private parts. If you compliment her as a woman and tell her how beautiful and desirable she is, she may relax and stop worrying about it.

9. How safe is it?

Mostly men are responsible for protection during se.x. A vir.gin may not know a lot about it.
So, take good care of her and use a con.dom to prevent the unwanted pregnancy and infections.

10. Will it hurt?

Ladies are worried about the level of pain and discomfort they may experience during the first se.x. Promise her to be careful and nice to make it pleasant.

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