Tuesday, 6 September 2016

I Am In A Dilemma. I Don't Want To Be A Baby Mama

Ok.Tx for Reading.

Av been in a relationship with my so called bf for about a year nw. Heaven knws I love him, about a month ago I got pregnant and he insisted dat I kip d pregnancy.

My problem is,after much questioning on y he's finding it so difficult to tell his parents,he opened up to me dat he got bck with his x nd dey are planning on getting married in December shocked .

Am frm a very responsible home,if my mum gets to find out she would insist dat we get married(I dnt want it to look like am forcing him on me).
Am jst few months old in my first job after school,still tryin to settle.If my boss gets to find out its a 50/50 chance of me loosing my job.

Being a baby mama is nt an option for me. Do I keep dis baby n go to his parents or Get rid of it n move on with my life.

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