Friday, 9 September 2016

"How my huge 19kg boobs almost suffocated me"- Mum of 5 narrates ordeal

A mother-of-five claims her size 40M boobs are so big they almost suffocated her while she was riding a rollercoaster.

Rachel Brookes, 43, passed out while on a ride after her boobs were squashed so tightly by the safety harness, she was struggling to breathe.

Far from an asset, her all-natural 40M boobs - which weigh a staggering three stone (19kg) - have caused her numerous health problems and have often been the source of embarrassment.
Mrs Brookes asked doctors about the possibility of breast reduction surgery but was turned down because of her weight. 

She said she is trapped in a viscous cycle as she struggles to exercise and dieting hasn't worked.

Now after 15 years suffering in silence she has decided to accept her appearance and share her story.

'For so many years I have hated the way I looked, my body is completely out of proportion and when I look at photos of myself it looks like I am going to topple over.

'My bottom half is a size 16-18 but my top half can range anywhere from a size 24 to a 28, and even when I do find a top that has enough fabric to wrap around my chest the rest of the fabric just hangs below.

'I have had endless health problems, I am in constant pain with my back, my neck clicks all the time and I've got terrible posture, my shoulders even have a permanent groove in them from my bra straps.

'But despite everything I have been through I am determined to not let my boobs ruin my life.

Mrs Brookes was flat chested up until the age of 16 when her boobs ballooned to an E cup.

But after having five children, Emma, 25, Maddie, 20, Phoebe, 18, Edward, 15 and Alfie 5, her chest grew to a staggering size 40M.

Mrs Brookes said when she had a breast cancer scare a few years ago, the consultant weighed them and she was astonished to learn they were more than three stone. 

'He said no woman should have to live with boobs that big and so he put me forward to the board to get a reduction, but sadly I was rejected as my BMI was too high,' she explained.

Mrs Brookes said she refuses to let it get the better of her and is finally learning to embrace her appearance.
on her wedding day
She said she has learned to deal with all the comments and is trying to look past it and get on with my life with the support of her husband Anthony, 58, and children.
'I would be lying if I said he wasn't a boob man, but he hates seeing the struggles I go through.

'Thankfully he is very truthful and always tells me when I need to cover up.

'It's taken me years to have confidence in myself as I would usually wear baggy jumpers to hide my boobs.

'Hopefully I can give other women the encouragement they need to not be ashamed of their breasts, no matter what size they are.'

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