Thursday, 29 September 2016

Girl who sleeps with married men, used her menses to cook for boyfriend needs advice

This story was sent to 'Relationship Matters In 9ja' by a girl who sleeps with married men, cooked for her boyfriend with her period and finally wants to marry her married ex.

Read the story below....

"Helo Rmi9, am posting thru a friend's account.. I am 23 years, fresh graduate and am into entertainment. I model and dance.. All my life i v only dated young married men, just the 3 of them by the way.. They take care of me and i do the same. 
They were all responsible cz they always took proper care of their wives..I broke up with my last guy cz i started developing serious feelings for him and i didn't want to break his home and he was always all over me.I never had time for single guys but later i started reconsidering it cz i will get married someday and i started dating this single guy.. 
He is comfortable and always brought out money when necessary.I wasn't so demanding cz my dancing and modeling was paying.. I tot this idiot was the one for me until he cheated on me with a girl he claimed was from his hometown.. He even had the effrontery to bring the girl home and slept with her on our bed... I was mad that night, i made sure i broke his laptop and wanted to tear down his flat screen on the wall before he held me... 
I was hurt and fortunately for me, my menses started the next morning cz he stupidly tot i was ok after he begged me that night, so i used it to cook for him cz i heard it makes guys purge and he purged that morning... He could v died for all i care, the heartbreak was too painful.. I made sure i ate his money well before i dumped his sorry ass.. All these irresponsible broke single guys that will v a gf and still be sleeping with other girls. Totally immature.. 
The problem now is that my ex married guy wants to marry me and i have agreed.. The wife is making life hell for him but he is a good man and the only guy that understands me. I am not sure i will meet another person like him. I love his two cuties and am sure i will be a good wife but this wicked woman doesn't want to give him a divorce, i don't know what to do?? 
They v separated now. He said he no longer wants the marriage and his family knows but the wife is still claiming that she loves him. Judging from what I heard from him, he has never been happy in his marriage and am willing to make him happy. No insult please."

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