Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Female Corper Killed By Hit & Run Driver (Photos)

Her name is Ene Gertrude Adole, from Idoma area of Benue State, serving in Kano state. Many who are close to her are finding it hard to believe that this beautiful lady is dead. Sadly, she's gone. She was killed by a reckless driver who hit her on the road and fled.

Adole Stephanie
"Kia Ene I can't get over you fa, I can't even close my eyes, I can't even think properly,kia ds pain is too much......... I wanted to see how you died thinking I wld feel better buh when I saw it d pain increased, u were lying lifeless, that beautiful face wasn't even there I cldnt even recognize my sister kia Ene fa, I dunno how I wld cope without you, I dunno how I wld concentrate when I get back to school, I dunno how I wld console the rest when am not even consoled yet, I dunno how our lives wld be without you in it,what will be become of me now you are no more here, Ene I know you are a fighter, so whosoever did this, where ever you are just get ready,I don't even need to tell you what to do Ene, cause you already ds pain is so unbearable I can't I can't I can' Ene fa?"

Akor Ada Queen 
"I discovered that people fear Death nt because they dnt know death exist, but because of the manner they will or may die. God may u console my frd Adole Stephanie and her family, give them the heart to bear this loss... RIP Ene Gertrude Adole"

Omoha Dgreat OmohaAlfred 
"So it happened like this, Ene Gertrude Adole.
We shall meet in the next life.
I pray for the repose of ur soul.
U r loved, forever!"

Adole Stephanie
"Ds was last year's Chrismas pictures of me you and mummy when we were trying to prepare food for Christmas...come back so we can take more pictures ds Christmas. Oh my sister pls come back"

God help us to live right. You don't know when your time will come. This is life.

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