Tuesday, 20 September 2016

END TIME WIZARD CAUGHT!! Nak*d MAN 'Delta wizard' crash-lands in Benin church premises (Pics+Video)

Okay...this is bizzare... Church workers of City Gate Church, Benin did not prepare for what they met when they resumed for duties.

They were thrown into confusion when in the morning they opened the church premises which has a very tall gate, fortified with razor sharp barbed wires, and discovered a stark naked man roaming to and fro the compound.

The workers insist the premises was locked the previous day. Upon interrogation, the naked young man confessed he is a wizard from Delta state.

According to him, he was on an unknown assignment from Delta state when his 'spiritual google map' went haywire.

He found his course diverted, and when he got to Ring Road, Benin, he hovered around the area before crash landing, butt naked, in the church premises. He ends by professing a willingness to surrender to God since he has been 'arrested'.


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