Thursday, 22 September 2016

“Don’t Hesitate To Bite Off Any Rapιst’s Penιs; Cut It Off” – Lawyer Urges Women

Maurice Ampaw, a Ghanaian lawyer, has urged women in the country to bite off the manhσσd of rapists.

According to Peace FM, the woman show spoke during an interview on Peace News Bulletin at Midday, advised ladies not to think twice about biting off the “testicles and p*nis” to serve as a deterrent to potential rapists.

Sometime ago, a 24-year old woman bit off the manhood of a Techiman Municipal Fire Commander for attempting to r*pe her in her room.
The victim narrated her ordeal, saying she works with the alleged rapist named Eric Ansah Andor at the Techiman Fire Service at Techiman in the Brong Ahafo Region.

She was at home when Mr. Ansah pounced on her and attempted to rape, she added; but she managed to mutilate his manhood before he could carry on with his intended activity.
Commenting on the incident, Lawyer Ampaw congratulated the victim for displaying her heroic abilities and managing to teach Mr. Ansah a lifetime lesson.

According to her, the lady will be exonerated even if she’s arraigned before court.
Her defence to the court will be that she acted in self-defence when the rapist was “under extreme provocation, meaning what the commander was doing was discomfiting her. So, what came to her mind as a form of self-defence was to bite off his manhσσd.

“It’s correct lawfully. It’s good. The men who have been raping ladies should have their penis bitten off. And if you’re a boss and start to fondle ladies’ breast, you should be beaten. It’s a major deterrent. What the lady did is very lawful because rape is bitter. Rape is very bitter.”
Lawyer Ampaw spurred the women on “bite off anyone who rapes you. It is self-defence…It will humble the rapists. If you send your manhood, we will bite it off. If he brings it, cut if off… women should learn how to bite manhood. Anyone who dares to rape a woman, the lady should even hit the testicles before she bites off. It will make the men accord ladies with respect.”

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