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Blogger Stella Dimokorkus accuses Comedian AY of trying to damage her reputation

Blogger Stella Dimokorkus and Comedian AY seem to be on a war part. Stella is accusing AY of opening a website to damage her reputation.  This is coming after Stella broke the news about the crisis that rocked AY's  marriage earlier this year.

In a post by Stella, she said; 
"Anytime i did a post on AY, I get mail from (the mailer was very obviously AY or one of his ''GOONS'' paid to do internet comments for him) telling me stuff. A few weeks back the email address sent me link of the beginning of their first post on a wordpress website that had been opened, went to the site, I saw the story and just laughed and wondered what AY was up to.......YES I SAID AY BECAUSE I AM 100% sure he is behind that site.


AY is looking for any means to rubbish me in form of revenge for that story. The last post on that site which links it all to AY talks about how I called him on the phone to blackmail him and ask for money and because he refused I swore to write the story about him and his wife.

The person who blogs the stories pretends not to be good in English BUT I AM SURE THAT AY IS BEHIND IT. When you have a problem with AY, he pretends to let it go but plots behind. Those who know should call him to order AY MAKUN PLEASE RESPECT YOUR BRAND AND FACE YOUR WORK.

THE REVENGE YOU SEEK, WHATEVER IT IS, I SEND IT BACK TO YOU DOUBLE MEASURE, PRESSED DOWN, SHAKEN TOGETHER AND RUNNING OVER. A MILLION TIMES. If you must write about me i can give you tips...Write that i am a noodle babe and i come in five seconds...At least that would be true!

Whilst you are at it,scroll back up and kiss my a**! Thank you AY for the mention and for opening a website for me, it would be nice if you can do me a wiki page. I was gonna pay someone for it but if you can, please do it for free with your emergency journalist skills."

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