Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Another story of the man who was allegedly brutalized by soliders because of Buhari's convoy

This is another detailed story of the man who was brutalized yesterday by soldiers because according to a Twitter user, he didn't move his car away from the road the President was to pass.

Well, Facebook user Aroyameh Vinći has given another account of the story. Read what he wrote below...

"Today, the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria visited Edo state for a grand campaign of the All Progressives Congress`. The entire city was locked down as several access roads were blocked. 
A citizen by the name Solomon Idiogbe, a former State Chairman of National Youth Council of Nigeria, Edo State Chapter was driving along Ibiwe/Isekhere Street and got held up in a traffic lock-jam, an army officer who was wearing mufti came to meet him and asked him to move backward which he argued that there is a commercial bus behind him, that the officer should ask the bus behind to move backward first. 
Upon saying that, the officer became furious and dealt him blows and slaps, further threatening to deal with him, he went further by trying to handcuff him, which Idiogbe resisted while still on the car. Let it be noted that, the President never used that road and could not have used it owing to the terrible state of the road. 
The next that the army officer did was to start calling his colleagues who arrived at the scene in a commando style shooting sporadically into the air. They all descended on him using the butts of their guns, kicks and even wooden planks on him. He was forced to swim in the gutters. 
When they were done with the brutality, they took him to the 4 Mechanized Brigade and another round of beating resumed there and even threatened to shot and thereafter label him terrorist that attempted to kill the President, they accused him of attempting of killing Mr. President, cultist and several unsubstantiated accusations. 
A search party was formed to look for him, they went to the Brigade headquarters and the gate keepers denied knowledge of such, the Airforce Base was also visited which denied same. It was later he was let go when the Army PRO was called by the Coordinator General of Edo Civil Society".

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