Thursday, 29 September 2016

Actor Kalu Ikeagwu lays curses on policemen & bloggers following his arrest drama (video)

Nollywood actor Kalu Ikeagwu is laying some heavy curses on the policemen involved in his arrest, as well as the media for the way they reported the story. 

Some days back, Encomium magazine had first reported a kidnap and later updated to an arrest after reportedly talking to some of his neighbours.

The visibly upset actor today released a video telling bloggers, media practitioners and policemen that they will remember his name and that “the Lord will answer you all a hundred fold”.

Watch the video below

After watching his emotional video, his colleague Chioma Akpotha  had this to say in the comment section:

"God will answer them! Just you stand still!

The Media will not stop their irresponsible attitude of reporting gossip and hearsay and tarnishing the image of celebrities just to sell their trash or drive traffic to their blogs till we start suing them for slander! Cos they have no idea how much damage these things do to our image and reputations.

They write these things, get the attention and recognition they want and move on. We are now left to deal with the damaging effects and scars sometimes for life! Pitiful!"
Ivie Okujaye said:
It’s becoming unbearable!! Task force harassing women, so-called police harassing civilians! When will it stop? I’m so sorry for what you went through. @kaluikeagwu God isn’t asleep. They will pay for it sooner or later.

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