Friday, 9 September 2016

45 year old Afrocandy threatens to release hardcore porn movies

US based Nigerian soft porn star, Judith Mazagwu, infamously known as Afro Candy has promised to serve Nigerians and the world hardcore porn. Laughing off the porn star tag that has been attributed to her by Nigerians who have condemned her raunchy pictures, videos and soft porn movies, the 45 year old mother of two threatened to go hardcore this time by releasing full porn videos.

In the clip she says "Nigerians called me a porn star; they tagged me a porn star and I didn't do anything. Well, you got your wishes. Afro Candy, the hardcore porn star is coming."

And to make do her threats, the actor released a teaser porn of her in intense foreplay with a man while smoking weed and laughing suggestively into the camera...

Of course we can't upload the video here, but if you are really curious you can search for it on Youtube

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