Monday, 12 September 2016

29, 33 or 39? It seems Eniola Badmus lied about her real age

Last week, plus sized actress Eniola Badmus celebrated her 39th birthday, going by the date of birth on her Wikipedia page.

 She came out yesterday to set the records straight that she is 33, not 39 as was widely reported.

Here lies the confusion. Back in 2013, she had conducted a Question 'n' Answer session with her fans on Twitter where she answered questions about her personal life, including her age.

She told her fans she was 26 years old, so I am now wondering how she jumped from 29 which logically she should be now, to 33... If she was 26 in 2013, 33 in 2016, and 39 on her Wiki page, which should we go with?

If you wanna give us 'football age', at least be consistent because the internet never forgets. Lol.

See her 2013 tweets after the cut.

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